Callum's new party trick

September 18th, Callum stands for the first time

We knew it was coming. We have known for a bit that we need to lower Callum's crib. After all, he can scoot to the side and tries to pull himself up. Alas, he can't bring himself from laying to sitting and he had yet to stand, so there wasn't a crazy rush. Well, we must have done it in the nick of time. Ian lowered Callum's crib on Sunday. He plopped him in after to check it out and Callum immediately pulled himself up to standing!!! It was like, WHAT?! Callum was so incredibly proud of himself. He was giddy and beside himself. He stood like that for a few minutes before realizing he had no clue how to get down. I tried to show him how to fall on his butt, but he wasn't really into it. So, we shall see when he learns the very necessary skill of going from standing to sitting without hurting himself.

Don't worry though, he still isn't crawling…maybe he will be one of those mysterious kids that skips crawling and just walks.

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