Callum {9 months}

Weight: 18 pounds, 12 ounces
Length: 28 inches

Likes: his brother and sister, sitting up, Ian's sunglasses, food…all food, paper
Dislikes: teething, night time sleep, missing his nap

This kid slays me, I tell ya. As long has he gets his naps, he is literally as happy and content as can be. His doctor even made several comments about how happy he is. And he truly is. Not only is he smiley, but he also is a very content little boy. He is happy as a clam, just sitting there watching the world go by. People seem to be amazed that he always just sits there, happily looking around. That being said, he still isn't crawling. 

Now I'm not trying to rush the crawling, as I know movement will rock my world. He is starting to scoot around backwards. But even that isn't in a crawl position. He does it when he is sitting up and scoots himself with his hands. It's pretty funny. He doesn't go from laying to sitting just yet, but certainly tries. And now if you stand him up, he pretty much thinks it's the best thing ever. Like he gets the biggest smile on his face. But, when he backs himself into a corner (or under the bed) from scooting around backwards, he gets angry until I move him back out. 

Food wise, he is eating all sorts of things. I have mostly been giving him chunks of things to eat, but still throw some baby food in here or there. This month, he has tried hard boiled egg, rice and bagels. He has also had some peach and I am sure other things that I am just not thinking of right now. I just throw at him whatever we happen to have on hand. He does a really good job picking things up with his fingers. 

I feel like size wise, Callum is kind of in between sizes. His 6-12 month jeans are far too short, but the jump to 12-18 month seems to add several inches and I have to roll them up a ton. But, we are working with it. He is still in size 3 diapers, but will be moving up to a 4 pretty soon. Speaking of his size, I got grilled a bit by his doctor. Apparently he is only in the 29 percentile for weight. Now, let me be honest when I say I get so tired of those stupid charts the doctors obsess over. Also, Callum seems to be growing at the same rate Connor and Isla did. Anyway, the doctor asked what and how much I was feeding him. It literally took every ounce of my self control not to answer her sarcastically…and I only held back the sarcasm because I didn't want cps showing up on my doorstep next week! Needless to say, I am not concerned about his weight and he certainly doesn't look malnourished to me. 

The biggest news in the past month is teeth. Connor finally got two bottom teeth at the end of the month…and since has added his top two teeth. But teething has not been nice to us. In fact, it has been awful on our sleep, and my sanity at times. Here's to hoping when that last tooth is all the way through, we can start getting some good sleep around here again. 

Even if Callum isn't sleeping well at night, he still takes stellar naps during the day. He takes a morning and an afternoon nap and they are both around 3 hours long. Sometimes those naps get messed up by activities or the school run and though he can be a trooper about it, it doesn't always work out the best for all of us. 

On a side note, pleas excuse the scratched face. I apparently went a little too long between cutting Callum's nails and he assaulted himself while in his car seat. Eek! 

And because I love me looking back at my babies, Connor at 9 months and Isla at 9 months.

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