Preschool Open House

^^ She has never posed with her hands on her hips before and wasn't actually for this picture either, but actually dancing. 

^^ Obviously Isla is thrilled to be taking a picture with her mom and dad. 

^^ Her spot at the circle…which we learned from one of her teachers that Isla does best if she can look straight at the teacher. 

Isla had her preschool open house on Monday. Given that she is in the came class as last year, it was all  well known for her. She literally quickly ran around the classroom showing us all the stuff and was done. It was pretty funny. We were in and out within a matter of a couple minutes. Of course, then Isla was ready to run around and play with her friends so we stayed for a while and let her do that.

Let's take a moment to discuss how incredibly happy Isla was to take a picture with Ian and I. I don't think we are that horrible of people, but her face would obviously indicate otherwise. Of course, at least she is standing and looking at the camera. There have been times where she just curls up in a ball on the ground when I ask for a photo. So I guess that is progress.

Also, Isla picked out her outfit for the evening. Bow and all. It's been a while since she has consistently worn bows, so I was happy when she asked to wear one. Of course, I did have to do a little persuading to make it a matching bow, because she really didn't want to match. But, she said to me her teachers like it when she matches, so she would match…hahaha. The teachers totally have more pull than me.

I really love Isla's preschool and am definitely going to be feeling all sorts of sadness when we say goodbye to the amazing teachers at the end of the year. Isla is always excited to go and loves the teachers so much…and lets be honest, I love those wonderful women too.

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