Three Kids

^^ I usually let Callum play in the water table rather than the pool, as it's easier. On this particular day, the kids kicked him out of the water table because they wanted to play, so he ended up in his bathtub outside. #thirdchildproblems

^^ He's looking at me like, "You are really letting this crazy girl hold me again mom?!"

^^ Since we moved and the only bathtub is downstairs, we have switched to showers. Callum usually is on the floor of the shower and stays in there while the other kids shower. 

I feel like we have really gotten into a rhythm and routine with three kids. It just feels, dare I say, normal. I think it helps that we have the school run every day and Callum is taking two solid, long naps a day. That makes for time to really get things done. No longer is my day structured around nursing sessions and it is more just about life. If only my nights would be this way, but baby steps. 

The kids still really like being around Callum. And they probably man handle him more than he would like. Oh, and steal his toys. It gets me every time that they are once again entertained by the baby toys that entertained them as babies. 

I don't seem to be getting as many unstructured pictures of the three of them anymore. I don't know if that is because the older two don't spend as much time sitting around staring at Callum or because often they are in close proximity upstairs and my camera is usually downstairs. I have considered hitting up Ian for a camera on each level, but I am pretty sure he would give me a look if I did that ;)

I really am liking this whole three kid thing. I like watching Connor and Isla interact and play with Callum the older he gets. It makes me excited to watch his personality develop and thus watch his relationship with his older siblings grow and develop as well…though I am sure there will be plenty of fighting in my future, especially over him destroying lego creations. I am a realist after all. In the mean time, I will just enjoy life when only two fight and bicker (yet completely melt my heart when they actually play well together) and not three. 

Speaking of three kids, a little third child picture of Callum was featured on places kids put things. I got a bit of a laugh out of the story they put along with the picture. 

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