Isla's first day of Pre-k

Isla started preschool last week. She was more than ready. It seemed a bit hard on her to watch Connor go off to school every day for a month and her not go. She asked many, many times when it was her turn. She was pumped on her first day and handled the whole thing like an old pro. In fact, she didn't even really want to say bye. She was already too busy playing. The whole thing made me laugh, thinking of how hard her first year of preschool was and how she would cry every morning at drop off. 

I was afraid having her good friends move on was going to be hard on her, but she handled it much better than I thought. I think it helped that a girl in her ballet class is also in her preschool class this year, so she had a familiar face to play with. 

Obviously the hair stylist that came and talked at preschool last year really made an impact on Isla, as she still wants to be a "hair styler". I responded back with, "Ok, a hair dresser" and Isla got the biggest kick out of that saying we don't put clothes on hair and that I was SO FUNNY. It was a sweet conversation. The kind you want to remember for a long, long time. 

^^ That's a normal Isla sass face

^^ We've officially entered the "I would rather make funny faces than smile" stage of life. It is pretty entertaining though and I really do like seeing the kids personalities shine through in photos I take. 

Here's to a good last year of preschool for Isla! Preschool certainly is a sweet, sweet time and I really hope it is an amazing year for her.

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