Callum's First Doughnut

Last week, on September 19th to be exact, Callum had his first doughnut. It was national talk like a pirate day and every year Krispy Kreme gives away a dozen doughnuts if you come in dressed like a pirate. Every year I am blown away that they try to give a box for each child (well, and adults too) when one box is way more than enough. So, just like last year, we only took the one box. And we luckily went into Krispy Kreme just before a couple adults walked in with like thirty kids. Score for us…well really score for my kids because I totally would not have waited in line that long!

When we got home, I decided to let Callum partake in a doughnut. Honestly, he was way more into the peach I gave him the other day than the doughnut. He didn't seem to like touching it much. Which, it was fresh and very sticky. And he really didn't eat much of it before completely loosing interest. But, it made for some cute pictures and isn't that what really matters?!

Just look at that first picture, so curious what's in the box. He was probably so curious because we were so excited to give it to him!

I am such a sucker for all these minor firsts in my kids lives and totally love documenting it, even if I get made fun of from time to time for doing so…yep, a mom at Isla's preschool made fun of me for always having my camera. I'll just chalk it up to jealousy ;)

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  1. I love love love his sweet smiles😊 always being his happy self :) also I made a new video I hope you like it

  2. Oh my gosh. I can't really handle the cuteness. That first picture!! So so cute. It sure like he is enjoying it from the photos, so funny that he wasn't really into it.


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