On Getting in the Picture

It's no secret that I like taking pictures of my kids. I have so incredibly many pictures of them. And, believe it or not, I look back through old pictures more often than you would think. I love how a picture can take you right back to that time and place. Even the setting of the photo elicits memories. Little things that aren't necessarily forgotten, but just not thought about, resurface instantly as soon as I look at a photo.

But I realize my kids probably won't enjoy just looking at photos of themselves all day long when they are grown. I certainly love looking at old pictures and seeing my mom when she had hair that went all the way down her back. Seeing pictures of my dad wearing shorts that are now deemed way too short for men to be wearing in public. Seeing us playing on the swing set my dad built for us. Or seeing family pictures from vacation.

I really want to get better at making sure Ian and I are present in pictures with our children. I want our kids to look back at photos and remember the love and joy that was present in our family. I want them to be able to make fun of us because of how much styles have changed over the years. I want them to remember us being there. Us being there for so many moments, both big and small. I really hope they will be able to look back at pictures and be flooded with happy memories from their childhoods.

Now, here's to me trying to step out from holding the camera from time to time and getting in the picture with my kids. Even if it means the picture is less than perfect…I need to shove that control freak in me down so my kids can look back and laugh at my glasses and my hair. And remember that I was there with them.

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