Nine in, nine out

Can we discuss how it literally pains me to look at these pictures of me 9 months pregnant?! Does anyone really (I mean, come on, really) like being 9 months pregnant? Then lets add on to it that I decided to grow out my hair mid-pregnancy and it was at a totally awkward length. I feel like I have these weird elf ears poking out. So really, I may be more excited about my hair than not having a belly…hahaha. I do have to say, even in the midst of teething and lack of sleep from it, I would take this any day over walking around like a ticking time bomb, fearing my water breaking in public. But, there is the squishy newborn goodness that follows (and I mean the baby, not the belly). And nine months on, I have happy, smiley Callum and he is just about the best thing ever.

And just in case you want to look back, because we all know I did, here are my thoughts at 40 weeks and here is a brand new baby Callum. Also, how did I miss until just now that I predicted Callum was a boy the day before I had him just because of my pregnancy rage?! That's pretty funny. 

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