It's no secret that I am a total sap when it comes to my kids. I never really considered myself emotional. Even now, I wouldn't say I am emotional, but definitely more so than I used to be. Especially when it comes to my kids. They just grow and change so freaking much. And it's not that I don't like who they are today, because they slay me daily with the things that come out of their mouths, so I certainly wouldn't want them to be nonverbal babies forever. But I love remembering the road we've traveled. 

Having Callum wear Connor's old clothes is like a fun walk down memory lane for me. That first year with Connor was a special one. It was my first year of motherhood and I was really trying to get my footing. But, it was also a special time spent in Scotland, a place so dear to my heart. I am not really picky about my kids clothes and really rarely buy them anything new (I know, I'm kind of cheap). So, if I buy something, it means I really liked it and more than likely that I will remember it. 

This particular outfit I bought for Connor in Scotland. I just love it. I love how soft it is. And I love that it is babyish without being overly cutesy. So I was pretty excited when it was chilly the other morning so I had an excuse to throw it on Callum. Connor wore this outfit numerous times, and I was pretty sure I had pictures of him in it at the park…and low and behold, I did. 

Just for reference, Connor is about two weeks older in these pictures than Callum is in the top picture. Connor was an expert crawler at this point, and also standing. Wowsers. This time around, I am happy for Callum to just keep sitting for a bit longer. Because life certainly will be changing around our house once that kid becomes mobile! Oh the joys of having older kids with toys that have insanely small parts…eek. These boys (and their sister), they have my heart. I just love them so.

I may not be super emotional, but I am totally feeling all the feels right now! And all because of a baby outfit. Yep, I am a total sap.

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