The past several years, I have been on a journey of living life with more intention. Of really thinking about how I spend my time and money. Of learning to have boundaries. Of learning how I really want my life to be lived, and how to make that life a healthy one for me...both physically and mentally.

The past several months have been weird ones for me in terms of relationships. Connor going to school full time seems to have provided less time for me to see friends, rather than more. But, I think the reality of it is not as much full day school as it is the baby that needs his naps. This has left me in a weird spot. Friends who I once saw multiple times a week, now I'm lucky if I see them a couple times a month. I don't like talking on the phone, so it's not like I am connecting that way. I've been trying a little, but really, I need to try more. Which brings me to my focus for the year.


I want to be a better friend. I want to be the friend that stops by to say hi. I also want to be the friend that always welcomes people into her home with open arms...not with reservations that people will judge me for toys being everywhere or the dishes from the last meal still on the table. I want to be the friend that makes an effort, even when it's not easy. I want to be the real friend that is there when things aren't so easy. I want to be the friend that is there to celebrate the victories. I want to be the friend that makes you smile over the little things, like an unexpected card in the mail. I want to be the friend that makes an effort. The friend that is praying for you behind the scenes, even when you don't know. I want to be the friend that is spontaneous with you. The one ready to do fun things. But also the one that will listen when you need to talk, and offer a shoulder to cry on when you need that too.

I have always believed in quality over quantity in my relationships. To be the type of friend I strive to be, I definitely plan on focusing more and more on the quality and less on the quantity. So, my friends (I think one or two of you still read this blog), just know...I'm coming for you!

And since I am a list maker, and a total nerd, I completely plan on making a list of the people that I plan on pursuing this year. Sure, this list won't be made public. But keeping a list of people will serve not only as a reminder to me, but will also let me really think about the type of friend I am truly being to the very people I am wanting to have a deep meaningful friendship with.

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  1. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea! I'm really going to ponder this idea more- I can tend to be kind of reclusive and a homebody- I like my routine and I don't mind staying at home for days on end- but I think that I could find lots of little ways to show my friends how much I care for them...more than I currently do.


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