4th Annual Christmas Card Challenge Winners

I feel like every year the cards keep getting better and better. And I totally love it. We got so many creative and fun cards this year. We got beautiful, fancy cards. We got funny photos, beautiful photos. We got a lot with handwritten notes this year, which I really enjoyed. In fact, I was inspired to keep the back of our card blank this year, so I could write notes on there. Sure, I didn't do notes to everyone, but it was fun writing little notes to those we don't see very often. We got so many amazing cards this year, I actually thought about adding categories...but I didn't. Now, without further ado, the 2016 winners:

First to arrive:

My friend Heidi is always great about getting her cards out early. She has won in this category a few times now. Her card always arrives before I have even ordered mine! 

Best handwritten note:

To be fair, I don't think anyone could have topped this card. Just seeing the envelope made me giddy with excitement. That Amber is such a dear and special person to me. Her whole family is. But I will say, people really upped their game this year with handwritten notes. It even inspired me to write some notes on some of my cards. 

Besto photo:

It's hard to top a photo that makes you laugh. 

Best update:

Their update included highs and lows for each family member. Not only were the highs and lows witty and funny, but when getting a sister was listed on both categories for one of the kids, I was hooked. 

Best overall:

I picked all my favorite cards and had Ian help me pick the winner in this category. I had several picked out and all for very different reasons. Alas, I went with this one because I loved all the pictures they included. And the sense of adventure this family has is palpable. 

Now for the moment everyone, or possibly no one except my cousin, has been waiting for...who will take home a bag of coffee...

Best overall!!! Our friends who aren't even on social media...so won't know they've won until they find me creepily staring in their windows with a bag of coffee in my hands. Hopefully they won't shun me forever for putting them on the internet for all the world to see. Either way, they won coffee, so they should be happy ;)

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