Discovery Cube LA

^^ This earth hologram was so neat. Isla ran circles around it for a few minutes. 

^^ They had the coolest interactive grocery store. The carts had a game on them and you went and found certain products. There were two different games to play and two different age levels for the games.

^^ Connor practicing his hockey goalie skills

Going back a couple weeks...the first week of the month, we went to LA for a few days. There is always a plethora of things to do down there, so I started looking into things we have never done before and decided that Discovery Cube looked pretty neat.

I have to say, I was pretty blown away by this place. It definitely isn't set up for little kids like Callum, but around age 4, I would say this place is amazing. There are so many interactive and random things to do. The entire hockey section was so cool. Then there was the grocery store, the garbage sorting game, the helicopter tours, etc, etc. This place really was amazing.

I've been to many children's museums in many different places. And though I wouldn't classify this as a true children's museum, since there really was no play areas for little kids (just that one picture of Callum was really the only time he was allowed down to play), it really is a cool place. It was super clean and there were just so many unique things to do. Both Connor and Isla really liked it.

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