Splish, splash

With the only bathroom being downstairs in our new house, and all the bedrooms being upstairs, we had kind of abandoned bath time after we moved. The kids happily switched to showers and Callum just hung on the shower floor with whoever happened to be showering at the time. Or Callum was also treated to a sink bath, if dinner got too messy. But, with it being winter, the shower floor got a bit cold and we seem to have taken up bath time again.

I have to admit, I forgot the joy of watching a little one in the bath. Callum is past the stage where I literally have to sit there ready to rescue him at any moment. In fact, he is currently in the sit-stand-sit-stand-sit-stand stage. I thought it would give me a heart attack, but he actually handles all the up and down really well. Not to mention, he seems so incredibly pleased with himself and laughs with joy each time.

It's so fun rediscovering the joy of the various stages of babyhood. The bath phase really is a good one. Kids love em and moms love the break! Of course, with three kids to bathe, bath time for each kid doesn't last as long as say when Connor was little...oh man, I remember him having some super long baths...like so long that I had to add hot water. Like I said, kids love em and moms love the break.

P.S. Don't mind the booger in the first two pictures. Callum was just so full of joy, so I was too busy capturing the moment to wipe the boog from his nose. 

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