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I never really liked our bedroom in our last house. I was practically embarrassed of it and never really showed it off. I closed the door when people came over and certainly never put pictures of it up on my blog. It was small, dark and had the most stained up carpet in it. When we moved out and that carpet was ripped out and those original hardwood floors refinished (not to mention the walls being painted), my heart jumped a bit. Alas, I never lived in it in that state. I lived in it how it was and I treated it how I felt. It became a dumping ground for anything and everything...before Callum came along and we had to make space for another roommate in that tiny room! 

Anyway, our bedroom in our new house is literally the opposite of our old. It is a true master bedroom. It has a bathroom attached. Something that we have for the first time in 13 years of marriage. And, I have to say, I totally love having our own bathroom. Anyway, this room is larger, brighter and has beautiful hardwood floors. Since moving in, we painted this room, added baseboards, installed a ceiling fan and got some furniture. Just in October we got "adult" dressers. Before, we had been using dressers from Ian's childhood. I also scored our headboard from craigslist. And we replaced the curtains that were in the bedroom when we bought the house. My newest addition to the bedroom is the house plant. And I totally love it. It makes me ridiculously happy. No joke. A house plant. I know, it doesn't make sense, but the plant actually makes me smile. Eventually I would like to find a big rug that would go under our bed, as well as night stands and some sort of fun (I'm picturing something hanging) lights for either side of our bed. Oh, and I have my eye on an industrial laundry hamper. 

In the mean time, enjoy what our room looks like now...I know I certainly do. I mean, I actually make my bed now because my room just brings me such joy. And, if I actually get the opportunity to nap (which rarely happens with three kids anyway!), I just mess up the bed. #nuffsaid


^^ How can you not smile looking at that beauty?!

^^ This picture man. Circa 2001. I had bleached my hair and was growing it out. But look how happy we were. We apparently didn't care about the hot mess that was on my head! Oh, and that heart shaped rock I picked up off the beach in Hawaii this last summer. 

^^ I literally fretted so much about what to hang over our bed. In the end, I went with two pictures of us, printed on wood. Which my brother made fun of because apparently he doesn't decorate his room full of pictures of himself...to each his own, I guess ;)

^^ My aunt got us this pillow as an anniversary present one year. I love personalized things, so totally dug it.

In case you want to see more of our home, here's a bit about how we found it, what our living room looked like (i've already rearranged it and changed some things) and Connor's room (before I decided to have Connor and Isla share a room). I'm one of those people that love's rearranging and changing things up, so our house is ever changing.

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  1. I seriously just LOVE your house. It has so much charm and character and you have such a knack for making it feel like a warm, inviting space.

    Also, I LOVE that HUGE calendar!


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