Parenting Differences

A few days ago I was basically told by a mom of one (who's dear child isn't even yet one year old) that I was not parenting right in a certain area. Now, I am sure this person didn't mean to knock another mom down so hard. I am guessing she is still new to the game and doesn't yet realize the party line of saying "what works for our family". Of course the reality is, she was also knocking how I have done things for my children on a milestone she has NOT YET COME TO with her child. So she literally has zero experience in this. Zero. Yet apparently I haven't done a good job.

I took this and let it eat me up inside. It hurt. I wanted to hurle all sorts of insults back at her. But I knew that wouldn't help. And I honestly don't think she realized how truly insulting she was being to me anyway. Well, after about a day of trying to talk myself off a cliff (of attacking her back, not of jumping), I remembered POOPCUPS. I actually couldn't remember exactly what the term was and googled "parent of one poop child under three" and found just what I was looking for. It provided me with some much needed laughter and some perspective. It also reminded me how guarded I need to be with my words to others.

Parenting is a serious gig. And very many of us put a lot of thought, research, prayer and tears into our parenting choices and decisions and to have those choices directly attacked is very personal and very hard to swallow. It really is what the mommy wars are all about. People not thinking or using the right wording when discussing other people's choices. This whole thing really serves as a good reminder to me to watch what I say and give grace to everyone...because no parent and no child is perfect.

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