Around Christmas

Though Christmas day itself was quite relaxing, the days surrounding Christmas were anything but. I spent over 1000 miles in a car (for two different trips). It felt like we were running all over the place. Callum's schedule got all out of whack and I was the one that had to pay for it. I didn't pick up my real camera much, but instead captured a lot on my phone. 

^^ Smiley boy always enjoys the morning

^^ A dapper looking Connor after his haircut

^^ My dad, brother and I drove down to LA for my uncle's open heart surgery. My aunt and uncle came and stayed with us the night before the surgery. It was fun talking the evening away and staying up way too late for how early everyone had to be up the next day.

^^ Using a lactation room at the hospital to pump. Everyone seemed shocked that I even knew to ask to see if there was one. But, it was Kaiser and I know they are all sorts of breastfeeding friendly, so they came through.

I got home from LA on Friday night, after the kids were already in bed. So I didn't actually see them until they woke up on Christmas Eve. 

^^ At church on Chistmas Eve

We spent the bulk of Christmas Eve with Ian's family. We went to an early church service, before heading back to their house for dinner and presents. Then, Ian and I put the kids in their pjs and took them to a drive through light display before heading home. We've now gone to the light display for the past three Christmas Eve's. 

^What Isla got me for Christmas...she was quite proud

^^ Isla trying to steal practically half of the cinnamon rolls!

^^ A Starbucks gingerbread house was built on Christmas

The Tuesday after Christmas, my mom, the kids and I, drove down to visit my grandma. It's about a 3.5 hour drive. Doing all that in one day really makes for a long day. The kids were actually amazing on the way down, but the trip back home got a bit l-o-n-g.

Ian has this next week off work. So, here's to some family time before we get back to the schedule of school, ballet, homework and more! 

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