Callum's first dentist appointment

Callum had his first dentist appointment last week. It happened to be on his 13 month "birthday". He still only had five teeth. The dentist said that all that really means is he will probably hold on to his baby molars much longer than other kids. But, she saw it as a good thing, given that it gives him more time to "practice" his brushing and flossing on non-permanent teeth. I have been taking the kids to the same pediatric dentist for years and this is the first time she has told me to plan for braces. Of course, I got a laugh out of that and made some comment about everyone having braces. Which is true. But, it's also true that Callum's bottom teeth are coming in both very crowded and very crooked. My bottom teeth were always much more of a problem than my top, so I can relate a bit. Other than that, she said his teeth look great. Her and her assistant seemed surprised that Callum immediately stopped crying after the exam and still liked them. Of course, that doesn't surprise me much, given his smiley and happy disposition.

Of course, fast forward a week and Callum is super sick and not his happy self at all. It's actually really sad. He never just cries all the time and that's how the past couple days have been. I have heard people referring to the sickness as "the plague" and I am starting to understand why. The poor guy is miserable. Here's to hoping he is on the mend soon...and that no one else in our house gets it!

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