Throwing Me for a Loop

Third child in, and I am experiencing something I've never experienced before. About a week ago, Callum started standing up in his crib EVERY SINGLE TIME we would put him down. Because of this, he has been fighting sleep hard core. Before, I could put him down for naps awake and he would go to sleep. Not this past week. At night I take the freaking long time it takes to get him to sleep laying down. But, during the day is a different story. I usually don't have the time (up to an hour at times!) that it takes to do it before we are on to our next school run, homework time, etc. And it's made for a rough week. Callum gets over tired, clingy and cranky. I too feel over tired and stretched in every direction with getting him to sleep consuming so much of my time.

When this first started, I thought maybe this was a milestone I blocked out of my memory with Connor and Isla. But, after talking to other moms, it appears this doesn't happen to all babies. And the ones that it has happened with, the moms seem to give me a very knowing and compassionate look. So THEY KNOW. This wasn't even a club I knew that existed. And though I am now a member for life (hahaha, so dramatic!) I am hoping my initiation won't last too much longer. I mean, one has to question how long a kid will think it's super cool to stand before deciding to sleep!

But seriously, if anyone has gone through this and has any tips, I am all ears. At the moment I am holding Callum in his crib until he is calm, thus no longer trying to get up, then I sit next to the crib and put my hand through the slats and touch him until he falls asleep. Which, side note, those slats sure don't have much room between them! Needless to say, it's a process.

Oh parenting, it sure keeps you on your toes! But seriously, just look at that cheeky grin of Callum's in that first picture. It's what keeps me smiling, even in my seriously sleep deprived state...because he now also stands and screams every time he wakes in the night too.

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