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You guys, before I had kids, I was an insane reader. Like I would tear through books in a day or two. In fact, the night before I went into labor with Connor, I stayed up waaaay too late trying to finish a book. Consequently, I ended up facing a 25 hour labor with only 1.5 hours sleep. Not the best of choices in hind sight, and one I really don't recommend. But, I finished the book. So, yay me.

Anyway, recently I have been trying to get back into reading books. I started reading Harry Potter with Connor before bedtime and I totally cherish our time together. Cuddled up in his bed, his head rested on my shoulder. I totally dig it. And I totally dig how excited he gets when we are reading it too. But, I also have been wanting to read some books for me. So, I have been trying to sneak off to bed a little earlier than usual and spend some time reading before I go to sleep. First up on the docket, Jen Hatmaker's For the Love.

Speaking of Jen Hatmaker, also known as my future bff, I've read a couple book of her's before...because how would I be a good bff if I wasn't supportive?! I also follow her on instagram, because, HELLO, she is my future bff. Which, if you aren't following her, do yourself a favor and start following her and thank me later. She is equal parts inspiring, hilarious, brutally honest and introspective. Just go follow her.

But back to the book. Any book that can make me laugh hysterically, read my husband stupidly funny things, then smack me in the face with things I need to work on is so worth my time. Between her giving me permission to rid my life of toxic people and to her ode to leggings, I just love the girl. And her letters to the church, wow. It's true. Why de we christians treat each other like dog poop on the bottom of our shoes then are surprised that the world hates us so much?! Of course, look how so many of us treat non-christians too. And there you have my

Love Christ. Love the church. Love your husband. Love your children. Love your friends. Love them well. Love never fails. Like it really doesn't. Just ask my friend Bryana...she has an amazing story of love, mercy and redemption. And read For the Love. My bff Jen will tell you the same...with a side note about boundaries because abusive relationships aren't ok. But that's why I love my bff Jen. She remembers to tell it like it is.

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