Differing Personalities

One of the fun things about having more than one kid is watching their personalities shine through when they are both in the same situation. I was really struck by this when the kids were playing astronauts the other day. Connor is very literal and wants to look like a real astronaut. He wants to study real astronaut photos and make sure he looks just like them. He even told someone that came over all about his mission to space and when they asked if he went to space with his mom, he responded, "No, stranger astronauts." Isla, on the other hand, is my entertainer. She wants to make people laugh and found it so funny that people couldn't tell who she was when she covered her face with the hat inside the astronaut helmet. She actually said, "people can't tell if I'm a boy or a girl...hahahah" (that's her laughing, not me). I decided not to let her in on the fact that we could see her hair ;)

Speaking of that entertaining personality, last week Isla brought her USED qtips to show and tell. I made her bring a second item in the car with her, thinking that she would perhaps change her mind. But she didn't. I feared show and tell would go horribly, but it did not. Apparently a crowd of 4 & 5 year olds find earwax covered qtips hysterical. When I went to pick her up, one of the teachers said, "Well, Isla got what she wanted, everyone laughed." And sure enough, we hadn't even made it to the car before Isla was excitedly telling me how everyone thought the qtips were so funny. Back when Connor had show and tell, it was all business for him. In fact, we were told it was a first for his school when he brought a smoke detector to show and tell with him.

I just love watching their little personalities shine through. Sometimes I get nervous that they will get rejected by their peers, but they don't. Then I remember, they are dealing with other kids their own age, not jaded adults. Oh, my babies, I wish you never become jaded and self conscious. Be who you are meant to be. Let your beautiful hearts and personalities always shine through. 

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