little moments not to be forgotten

fistfuls of noodles // still small enough to sit on his legs // preschool dad party // bath time // quiet play time // helping with the laundry // her version of posing with her craft // sink baths are fun 

Like many out there, I am guilty of always looking forward to and placing more emphasis on the big events in life. The vacations, day trips, school parties, gatherings of family or friends. But, the reality is, the bulk of our life is spent in the everyday mundane. And really, those everyday calm moments (because, in the sincerity of being honest, the chaotic ones make for a great story, but are usually pretty dang stressful) are just as important to me.

I want to remember how Isla put earrings on her craft she made at school, but said she doesn't want them until she is a "redult" because "they hurt". I want to remember how much Callum loved sink baths and throws water all over, but it makes him ridiculously happy, so I just let it happen. I want to remember how at seven years old, Connor is still small enough to sit on his legs in the chair at the table. I want to remember what it looks like to walk past my kids rooms and see them quietly playing. I want to remember how Callum loves playing in the laundry and dumping it over his back.

Though I will have, and want, plenty of big memories with the kids, it's the small ones I really want to remember. Because those moments, really end up being the most beautiful.

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  1. I love that photo of Connor on his bed. The lighting is incredible and I love how he doesn't even notice you. And oh my goodness Callums face in the sink is hilarious.
    I love these little series you do. Helps me remember to slow down with mine.


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