Meet Gilly...our new pet

I'm not sure how I get wrangled into these types of things. Actually, I am. I am a total sucker for anything sort of educational that I think the kids will enjoy. I didn't expect them to be SO into Gilly...yeah, they named him Gilly. Connor picked it. Gilly is our tadpole, our "grow a frog". Some sort of frog that is made in a laboratory and only lives in water. He arrived in the mail, in a bag full of water. Poor guy seemed traumatized too. We have the privilege of watching/nursing him through metamorphosis. And apparently when he is a froglet (which Connor has informed me means when his tail is less than 1/8" long) we can start feeding him pieces of earthworms. It was about then that I asked myself for the twenty-third time, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF IN TO?! But they will learn, right? And it isn't a dog gnawing on my furniture or a cat who's litter I have to deal with. Wow, I am such a buzz kill when it comes to pets. Baby steps though. Connor reminded me that we once had a goldfish. First a goldfish, now a grow a frog. What next?

I really am warming up to the idea of a small with little poops, that doesn't shed. Not that I'm picky or anything. 

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