Three Kids

I forgot how much time and energy a baby takes when they are sick. And it seems magnified with two other kids around. Oh, I still have to make sure homework gets done when I am dealing with a sick baby? And bath time? Wait, you kids want to be fed?! 

Callum got sick for a few days. Everyone was healthy for like two days, then Connor got it. Connor returned back to normal and the next day Callum came back down with a fever. This compiled with Callum's new skill of standing in his crib constantly has left me wanting to rock myself while curled up in a ball in the corner. But, the silver lining of it all is, Ian and I started taking shifts at night. I literally don't know why we didn't start this before.

Nights used to go, when I was at my wits end, I would wake Ian. For the past couple nights, Ian has taken the first half of the night and me the second half. It allows us both to get some uninterrupted sleep. Sure, I am going to bed early for the night owl that is myself. But, honestly, I am so tired anyway that it hasn't much mattered.

Now to get Callum healthy again so we can kick this whole standing in his crib all night thing and all get some sleep again!

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  1. I'm so glad Ian is helping out at night!! Sick babes are so exhausting. I'm praying he becomes a great sleeper soon!!!


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