Our Dining Room

^^ Those shadows on the ground literally make me giddy. Plus, house plants...my new obsession. 

^^ The view of the dining room from the kitchen.

I never knew I could love a dining room so much until we moved into this house. The way the sunlight fills this room for so much of the day constantly draws me in. I find myself enjoying sitting in here to read the paper, chat with friends, color with Isla and more. I don't know if I will ever stop being giddy at the shadows of the pane windows on the ground. It really is one of my favorite things.

Our dining room is off the front of the house, connected to the kitchen. In our old house, you essentially had to walk through the dining room to get anywhere in the house. So it became a dumping grounds and I hated that. Plus, it was small and we realistically couldn't seat more than our family to eat, so it made it really difficult to have people over. Well, all that has changed here. And in the seven months that we have lived here, we have probably had more people over for dinner than in the five years we lived at our last house. No joke. Not only is our dining room much larger, but we also now have a nine foot long dining room table. Sure, we don't own enough chairs for it, but it just allows those Ikea folding chairs we bought when we first got married to get some use! I work hard at keeping the table from being a catch all. Even though it collects things, I try to make sure it's cleared off daily.

Since buying the house, we took the doors off the dining room that essentially closed the dining room off from the entryway of our house. I'm not huge on interior doors, plus they took up a lot of room when open. We did leave the door on between the kitchen and dining room, though I have never actually shut it for any other reason than to block Callum. We also painted over the olive green paint that made the room look like a dark dungeon and painted it the same grey as the rest of the house. And it got baseboards, like the rest of the house. I replaced the curtains that were hanging in there, but kept the sheer curtains they had up because I like the privacy they give. We replaced the light fixture as well. They had a shell chandelier up. Not my style at all...and really not the style of almost anyone that saw it. One of my good friends totally dug it though. That cracked me up. Ian actually picked out the light we went with. Everything else is from our old house - the lockers, wine glass shelves (they were in our old kitchen), etc. I got the house plant for in here at the same time as the one in our bedroom. I need to get a proper stand for it, but for the time being, it gets to rest upon an antique toddler chair. I now realize I never took a picture of the corner opposite of the house plant, but all it houses is Callum's high chair...and the reality is that corner is the most used corner in the room because the boy likes to eat!

So there you have it, our dining room. Want to come over and use, err, I mean see it? Offer to bring dinner and I'll totally let you ;)

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