Spicy Isla

I like to call Isla spicy. Her teachers have referred to her has free spirited. And there have been many other descriptive words said over the past couple years. All I know is that I get nervous for her starting school. I don't want the rigid, structured world of school to squash that spicy, free spirit out in her. She is an artist. She loves to dance...in ballet, she loves staring at herself in the mirror and dancing how she wants, not necessarily how the teacher wants. She loves to sing, make up silly stories and to make people laugh. She's independent and amazing at playing by herself.

I have really been mulling over how to make her a respectful child that follows necessary rules, but doing so without pushing her into certain boxes and without squashing that spicy spirit in her. I must say though, I do get encouraged when other moms say things like, "Isla reminds me of my (insert adorable name here)." This is usually followed by a conversation in which they share with me hysterical stories about their free spirited children. Stories that usually involve said child's school experience not going quite the same as what typically is their rule following older sibling (hello, first borns!).

If anyone has navigated this before me and has any pearls of wisdom, I'd love to hear. Or, if you feel like you are the free spirited type, I would love to hear what you feel your parents did that did or did not work for you.

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  1. I just love this so much. And that photo is so perfect. She certainly will pave her own way and I can wait to see what God does with her!! ❤️❤️


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