Callum's Room

I had envisioned from the time Callum was born that he would transition out of our room and into Connor's room once he was sleeping through the night. Well, 14 months on and this kid has only slept through the night a handful of times! And, to be honest, his sleep went from good (I thought I birthed a sleep unicorn he slept so well) to pretty dang awful and has now landed somewhere in between.

A few months ago, at the crux of his bad sleep, I decided I had had enough and needed Callum out of our room. So, I moved Isla in with Connor and gave Callum his own room. There are still remnants of Isla in this room, as that was both her rug and dresser. The rest has sort of come together. It's a bit of a hobbit room, with the low ceiling. But it also has a quaint feeling to it...though I do sort of detest the wall light, but haven't really ever looked into other options. It was just there when we bought the house.

Callum is sleeping slightly better...well more than slightly, but less than incredibly, but you get the picture. The other nice thing is this room is fully baby proof and we have a gate installed in the doorway, so he can easily be left in there for a time and not get into too much trouble. Though his current favorite thing is removing all the contents from all the dresser drawers he can reach.

I still envision that eventually Callum and Connor will share a room, but if there is anything that three kids has taught me, it's that things are so fluid, you never know where anything will land! And, for the time being, Connor and Isla sharing a room is going great. And, what do they say? If it's not broke, don't fix it! So that is how it shall remain for now.

^^ The crib from Scotland that all three of my babies have slept in...and has the teeth marks on it to prove it! 

^^ I made this mobile for Callum when I was big and pregnant with him. And I still totally love the simplicity of it. Sometimes, when I am putting him to bed, I will just stare at it and watch it slowly move.

Want to see more of our house? So much of it has already changed, since I'm always rearranging, but here's what the living room used to look like, Connor's room when it was just his room, our master bedroom and the dining room

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