Canada or Bust {Vacay 2012}

We are well on our way to Canada. Almost there, in fact. Left on Sunday afternoon. Making a quick trip up there, picking up some friends from Scotland in Vancouver (You follow that one? Some friends of ours from Scotland are flying into Vancouver, BC to vacation with us. Yep, we are that cool.), then taking our time back to California. Here are some of our trip highlights so far:

Mile 0

Mile 73 - Ian's first cuss word of the trip - "Damn it truck!" as a truck got over on us. 

Mile 230 - Slept at Camping World outside of Redding

Mile 240 - Stopped for Starbucks

Mile 241 - Filled up with gas...trying to avoid looking at the cost or mpg! 

Mile 290 - Stopped at a railway park we saw a sign for. It was a great stop. Connor didn't want to leave. 

Mile 353 - Crossed into Oregon

Mile 377 - We killed a dragonfly while driving

Mile 413 - Coffee break in Grants Pass, OR

Mile 613 - Our first truck stop experience. They pump your gas for you in Oregon!

Mile 649 - Had dinner at the most amazing brewery - Hopworks. They have a kids play area! 

Mile 653 - Slept in a church parking lot in Portland. The kids had their first sink bath in the motorhome. And this morning, we took our first showers of the trip in the motorhome! 

Mile 656 - Stopped for coffee and Voodoo Doughnut before hitting the road

Mile 662 - Crossed into Washington

Mile 694 - Moved Connor's carseat from the couch to the chair so he can see out more windows

We aren't too far from Canada now. Through Seattle and well on our way. We will be camping in Vancouver for a couple days before heading south again. 

If you would like to follow along with our adventure in real time, follow me on instagram - @JessGrim


  1. Sounds like you are having fun and Connor is being a great little traveler! We love the RV life!

  2. I feel you on the road tripping. My uncle and I just drove across the country in a U-Haul. We tried not to pay attention to the gas too much.

  3. looks like you stopped at some stellar places, ie voodoo donuts. :)


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