Seattle - Day 2 {Vacay 2012}

Another good day in Seattle. We started out at the first Starbucks store, hoping to beat the rush. No such luck. So we waited in line. The coffee tasted the same as every other Starbucks out there...and I was suckered into my first tourist purchase of the trip, a mug. At least it's useful. 

We then took the monorail to the Seattle Center. I am pretty sure the monorail was the highlight of Connor's day! Our friends Richi & Naseem went up into the space needle, while Ian and I took the kids to the children's museum. It was a good way for the kids to burn off some energy, but compared to the children's museum in Las Vegas, it was pretty lame. 

Next we went on a duck ride. Connor almost had a serious meltdown on it. He thought we were going to make him get in the water. Every time we would get him cam down, the tour guy, trying to help, would say "we are going to go in water!" to Connor and he would freak out again. Oddly enough, once we actually went into the water was when Connor settled down and began to enjoy himself. As for our tour guide/driver, he was so lame, it was insanely funny and entertaining. And thankfully, no one except for Connor had those annoying duck whistles on the tour and Connor didn't really take interest in his. 

We ended our day by heading to Capitol Hill for some sushi and coffee. Connor ate some wasabi. After calming down, he learned a new word "spicy". It was cute, sad and funny all at the same time. 

Tomorrow we head to the Oregon coast where more adventure, and hopefully a little less walking, awaits us. 


  1. Aww man! You thought the children's museum was lame? :-( We had a great time when we went! Next time we're in Vegas we will give that museum a try.

    1. I am sure I wouldn't have been disappointed if I had never been to the Vegas one. But the Vegas one was seriously amazing and I thought all children's museums must be just like it.

  2. I LOVE that guy with the banjo outside of Starbucks. I'm a sucker for a banjo player.


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