Vancouver & More {Vacay 2012}

Okay, so picking up where I left off...

Mile 856 - A much needed long stop for playing, eating and of course, coffee

Mile 872 - Our first raindrops!

Mile 905 - Pulled into arco to get gas and Connor said "I need icee" Due to his adorableness, I decided to get him one. The icee machine was broken.

Mile 930 - Crossed into Canada

Mile 953 - Arrive at Burnaby Cariboo RV Park

At this point, we ditched our car and took public transportation...

Vancouver day 1:
All in all, we walked 12 miles around the city!

Met up with Richi & Naseem

Got coffee...shocker!

Ate a Japadog - a hotdog with seaweed on top

Walked over a not-pedestrian friendly bridge

Camera broke :(

Public market - where I bought some incredible tasting feta stuffed olives

Met up with Ian's old co-worker from Edinburgh, Grant and his family

Took the Aquabus

Bough lemonade from a kid's lemonade stand

Vancouver day 2:

Drove to pick up R & N and on to Stanley Park

Road the miniature train in the park and drove around the park

Mile 1009 - Crossed back into the USA...with a little drama, but we made it!

Mile 1032 - Stopped at Walmart

Mile 1040 - Spent the night at Larrabee State Park in Washington - This was a random stop, but ended up being a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Just look at the view on the beach. So beautiful!

Now we are camped just outside of Seattle...the adventure continues!

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  1. Larrabee is in my hometown. So amazingly gorgeous!


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