Lately {in photos}

1. Isla sporting the bib her Aunt Carli got her in Italy
2. Dirty face!
3. Watch out, Isla's driving!
4. Standing in her crib for the first time
5. Finally asleep after getting out every toy during nap time
6. A nice evening at the park
7. Bath time
8. Yes, we live in the stone ages and still have a vhs player. Connor loves using it as book storage. 
9. Me rocking my London olympics mug
10. My first ride in Ian's new car
11. Mirror, mirror on the wall..
12. Connor practicing his accounting skills from a young age

1 comment:

  1. So many smiles! And I dunno if it's the exact angle of Isla's face in the bath picture or the fact that that picture is right above one of you but you can REALLY see where she got her facial features from!


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