Kiddieland {Merced}

This weekend, Ian wanted to get out of town. Apparently staying with the kids while I was at the Color Run made him restless! Anyway, we decided to check out Kiddieland in Merced. Our neighbors had recommended it to us before. We were not disappointed.

It is a miniature amusement park...really one just for toddlers and little kids...that is stuck in time. Its adorable. And the rides only cost 50 cents! And last forever, which is a good and bad thing.

First up, Ian rode the helicopters with Connor. It's pretty cute, the propellers actually spin as the ride moves. After they got off, Ian said he wouldn't go on that ride again. I didn't fully understand what he meant until it was my turn to ride the helicopters.

I rode the cars with the kids. Besides Connor trying to crawl up on the hood of the car a couple times, the ride was peaceful and the kids were entertained by the steering wheels. Remember how I said the park is like a time warp? Well, the seat belts on the rides are too. Any toddler could easily wiggle their way out of the restraints.

After Connor rode the merry-go-round with Ian, I started to realize that all the rides just go around in a circle. barf. Ian and I needed a break. So I looked around and found the one ride I thought would be safe enough for Connor to go on by himself. The rockets.

That big smile on Connor's face is from the operator coming up to take his ticket. How cute. As soon as we put Connor on the ride, he pretty much yelled "move it" until the ride started. At least he knows how to express what he is feeling! 

Connor's first ride by himself. My kid is growing up. sniff, sniff.

After the rockets, it was my turn to ride the helicopters with Connor. And this is when I fully understood why Ian swore off this ride. These stupid things go around so fast and for so long that you want to pay to get off. Seriously. Never again.

I think Connor might have been on to something by looking at the sky. I kept looking around for something to focus on to keep my world from spinning.

I bought way too many tickets for all the rides just going around in circles. Thankfully, they are good for another day. So we bailed headed home. Plus, they have a train that does a loop around the park that Kiddieland is in. Unfortunately it was down for maintenance. So, we will have to go back once it is back up and working, because I know Connor would love that.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how unbelievably fun! I just found your blog and what a blessing to see such a cute, happy family! Isn't seeing that smile on your kid's face the best?! We just took Iris to a "big kids" birthday party this weekend, and she had the same look on her face the whole time. Love it.

    So glad to have found you!


    the Reverie blog


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