The Bro-in-Law's Wedding

Family weddings are stressful. 

Weddings with your little ones around are stressful.

Family weddings with your little ones around are explosive. 

'Nuff said. 

Ok, that's really not all that is going to be said. I should start from the end though. 

I have a new sister-in-law. The wedding was beautiful. Tons of tears to be had. None by me. I'm not super emotional. The reception was even more beautiful. It was a fun evening filled with family and friends. And a great speech made by Ian...I'm proud of you babe and your ability to be so cool and collected in front of people. The newlyweds left down a sparkler filled drive. Beautiful. Now for the rest of the story...

Connor was in the wedding. So was Ian. During the rehearsal, Connor was in an awful mood and it didn't go so well. I didn't know how the actual day would go because of that. I was miserable and moody after the rehearsal. I had my two little cling-ons, one who wasn't performing like I wanted him to. It was hot as all get out. And I was hungry. NOT a winning combination. After pissing people off, I left the rehearsal dinner deciding that neither of my kids would be at the wedding. It was just too much and I wanted to enjoy myself. 

After calming down, we decided that we would bring both kids to the family pictures before the wedding (which would require waking Isla from her nap and Connor not napping), but Isla would not attend the wedding and Connor would only attend the wedding and not the reception. Even with guilt trips about our decision, we stuck with it. And I must say, it made life so much easier. We actually got to enjoy the reception. And Connor was a handful enough during the ceremony. I couldn't have imagined handling him and Isla at the same time. I probably would have left. Connor did a fabulous job walking down the isle and looked oh-so-cute doing so. 

With many lollypops, fruit snacks and toys, we made it through the ceremony. I ended up calling my parents right after and having them come get Connor. He was already covered in sweat (it was 106 that day) and didn't want to be at the reception. He wanted to be somewhere else playing. I wanted to enjoy the reception. Thus, he got to go enjoy himself some shaved ice with my parents while I got to enjoy a wedding reception with my hubby and some family and friends. 

There was a photo booth at the reception. Fun. Unfortunately I was full of inappropriate things to do in the photo booth. I can't wait until we can see those pictures. Then again, others might not find them as funny as me. Hmmm...

After a hug from Ian and I (the most important part, right?!) the newlyweds left down a driveway of sparklers. Beautiful and a rather fantastic exit, if you ask me. Ian and I then left to collect our children. 


  1. Family can be so stressful sometimes...

    Really proud of you for sticking with your decision. Moms really know best. :-)

  2. Looks so beautiful. I LOVE weddings. I think the whole sparklers idea is so pretty. It must have been so nice being them walking through the sparklers :-)


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