T-shirt Transformation

A while back I had seen this tutorial on pinterest showing how to turn a plain ole t-shirt into beauty. I thought it was cool. No sewing required and the finished product looked cute. The thing is, I don't have old tshirts lying around. They aren't my thing. But then I did the color run and a t-shirt was included with registration. So began the t-shirt transformation.

You will need a t-shirt (men's style...I am guessing a woman's one wouldn't work, but who knows), scissors and chalk (or something to draw on the shirt with).

Here is what you will draw and cut on the front of the shirt.

I was really confused with where this was going, so I cut out the front of the shirt before even drawing on the back of the shirt. And here is what you will draw and cut on the back of the shirt.

This is what the front of the shirt will look like after everything is cut.

And the back of the shirt.

Now cut straight down the middle of the back of the shirt. Cut a little lower than the armpits were.

Tie the two front pieces in a knot.

Then tie each of those with the two strings in the back. This is what you should end up with.

After following the directions and putting the shirt on, I ended up cutting more material out of the armpit area because it was too high up. Also, I ended up cutting the halter straps in the front thinner because they were just too bulky. And, I cut the slit in the back farther down, twice. The whole shirt was sitting too high up on me and I needed it to go down a bit and this helped. If I could do one thing differently, I would use fabric scissors. I don't have any and really need to invest in some. My kitchen scissors made the cuts on the shirt really choppy and I am not a huge fan of that.

I will say, though I am pleased with how it turned out, I am not at the same time. This is still a t-shirt, so not the softest of things. And the front is a little lumpy for my taste. But overall, it takes a shirt that I probably would never wear and made it into something that I will throw on in the summer while doing yard work or something and can feel a little more girly in.


  1. Super cute and fun idea!! I think I shall steal a tee from the hubs to try this out on! :-)

  2. I pretty much loathe t-shirts on me but that one looks really cute on you... So much so, I'm tempted to do that to one of mine!


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