Family Photos

Since we were going to be all dressed up for my bro-in-law's wedding, I brought along my camera and made Ian's sister take some pictures of us. Oh, and I went all out for the wedding by straightening my hair AND wearing makeup. Its like a whole new me! 

I then snapped these pictures of my kiddos.

Isla is full of smiles, not mobile enough to run from the camera and doesn't yet yell at me whenever I pull out the camera. So, she is kind of the perfect little person for me to take pictures of! And, in case you care, I made the flower clip she is wearing in her hair. I did actually buy shoes to match her dress, but they were just held on by velcro and her foot was just a little too fat for them and they kept falling off. So I just gave up and let her go shoeless. It's how she rolls most of the time anyway!

My little ball of energy was the ring bearer in the wedding...more to come on that when I actually post about the wedding. I picked out his outfit and think he looks adorable, yet a bit like Colonel Sanders. Poor guy was covered in sweat in no time though given that it was 106 yesterday and it was an outdoor wedding.


  1. that dress is gorgeous! great looking family :)

  2. I love the picture of you guys kissing and Connor hiding! Haha... An awesome photographer took that picture! :)

  3. Super cute!! I love them!!

    I am in CA right now, and I can't even imagine being outside all day long in formal clothes for a wedding! It's so dang hot! You guys are troopers!


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