Seattle {Vacay 2012}

With sunsets like this, I am pretty sure I could fall in love with Seattle. Fast. Actually, I don't think it would take any convincing. Ian and I used to talk about moving to Seattle. Back in the day. Instead we chose the oh-so-picturesque Modesto. But back to Seattle. We just happened upon this sunset tonight. Isn't it amazing?

We also enjoyed some of the other finer things to be found in Seattle. Like the Giant Shoe Museum...

Never mind the fact that Connor was more entertained by putting the money in the machine than actually seeing the world's largest collection of giant shoes!

And we did not forget the public market. Ever since I saw the episode of Stephen Fry in America where he eats fresh little doughnuts from there, I have wanted to go.

Who knew a market could be so busy?! Seriously. It was out of control. Then trying to push a stroller through the madness. Not so easy. Oh, and add on to that the occupants of the stroller - one kicking random people and the other one screaming at the top of her lungs. But, we did manage to get ourselves some of those little doughnuts. And they were good. The kids liked them too.

We also managed to walk around a ghetto part of town, watch a commercial being filmed, see the aftermath of a fire under one of the piers - total chaos, yet so calm, stop at Barnes & Noble for some playing time for Connor (I LOVE that all B&Ns seem to have a train table) and hit up an independent coffee shop for Ian.

More adventure in Seattle awaits us tomorrow...

P.S. We ended up biting the bullet and buying another camera this morning. Given that we aren't souvenir people and really just take pictures to remember our adventures, we decided to just buy one. I'm happy we did...even if it means we can't eat for the next couple months!


  1. The summers here are sure to capture you.... It's definitely a different story in the winter!

  2. I LOVE the Public Market! Albeit, I didn't have a stroller and two babies. Wes and I couldn't buy enough of the Mtn. Ranier cherries! The fresh bread and butter and amazing flowers! Glad you're having such a great time! Enjoy every second!

  3. haha, my hubs and I ALWAYS forget our camera on vacation. I think we've forgotten to bring one as many times as we've remembered to bring one! Before we had smartphones (two years ago) we bought a small point-and-shoot when we forgot our camera. We just called it an "anniversary present" - even though the vacation was supposed to be our anniversary present! ;)


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