Fun at the Fair

We took Isla to the fair one evening last week. We debated waiting until Connor was back in town from spending a week with my parents. But, I decided with all the fun he was having, Isla needed a little fun of her own too. So, off we went.

While waiting in an non-air conditioned building in 100 degree heat to see a butterfly exhibit, I was reminded why I sort of hate the fair. Then, 20 minutes into the wait, Isla announced that she needed to pee. Taking my chances, given the closest bathroom wasn't close at all, I told her she needed to hold it or not see the butterflies at all. She chose to hold it and did it like a champ…she held it until we made it to the bathroom half an hour later. The butterfly exhibit was really fun, though I am still not sure worth waiting in the sweltering heat for. Either way, Isla enjoyed herself…well, until a butterfly climbed up her "stick" (a qtip) and on to her hand. Poor girl freaked out.

Greasy fair food isn't really my thing. That is until I saw people walking around with these crazy blocks of curly fries. Suddenly, I was down. We really could have done with a block of fries half that size, but it only came in one ginormous size. Isla was already chowing down on her ice cream and instinct kicked in and she started dipping the fries in the ice cream.

After walking around for a bit, we went back to the kiddie area and let Isla pick a couple rides to ride on. And given that she later said the horsie ride was her favorite, I am thinking she really is a carousel lover…she wants to ride them every time we see one. And just as the sun was setting, we grabbed our little girl and headed for home.

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  1. So lovely!! Guessing Isla had the time of her life!^^ hope both of them had lots of fun


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