Connor's Bedroom

Connor has been out of town with my parents and nephew for the week. I decided to give his room a good cleaning while he was gone and thought why I was at it, I should take pictures of his room. I may as well be able to remember the momentous occasion when his room stayed clean for more than 3 minutes! His room has also changed a lot since the last time I shared it.

Some friends of ours were moving (this happened at least a year ago) and gave us their bunk beds. We passed on the generosity by giving the slide bed to another family as well. For being a relatively small room, Connor's room has a lot of storage, thanks to the Ikea bookshelves. Those things hold a ton. Plus, I like the kids being able to see their toys and grab exactly what they are looking for.

^^ Connor's dress up stuff.  This stuff gets played with a lot by both him and Isla. 

^^ After all these years, I still have the craft project I made for Connor when he was little hanging up in his room…and I still try not to handle it too much, for fear it will fall apart.  

^^ I keep little mementos of Connor's in this jar. I am sure he won't ever care about them, but it's things like his ticket from his first Giant's baseball game, his first movie, etc. 

^^ The lego station. Back in the day, I had these grand ideas that Connor would play with his legos on top of that cute little thing. Well, the joke was on me because lego play cannot be contained! 

I should mention that normally this room has legos spread out in every single nook and cranny, making it extremely difficult and dangerous to walk in. Add on top of that any other toy that was gotten out to be played with…yeah, I don't know how kids can concentrate with the mess all over, but they seem to thrive on it. Connor does a good job making his own bed, in fact his perfectionistic tendencies come out when he makes his bed. But the bed making seems to be the only way he "cleans" his room without me forcing him to.

Anyway, that's Connor's room. It's where a lot of playing happens, a lot of lego building, and a lot of yelling for his sister to get out.

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