Homegrown {and accidentally uprooted} Carrots

^^ Connor said he was too sad to smile

^^ This is his attempt at sticking out his lip in sadness

Connor "accidentally" uprooted a bunch of carrots from our garden the other day. I say "accidentally" because he said it was an accident, and seemed genuinely disappointed about it, but the garden bed was full of his tractors. That being said, we have had a lot of talks lately about the consequences of our actions. There just seems to be a lot of things happening that Connor does that have unintended results…thus many talks about thinking through our actions. Anyway, back to the carrots. 

We planted a bunch of carrot seeds back in March, but most of them didn't survive the transplant from the little garden box to the ground…I think I transplanted them too soon. So I was really rooting for the ones that took. I have heard from a few seasoned gardeners that carrots are hard to grow and usually don't get very big. Lets just say I was hoping they would get a little bigger than this! Either way, Connor was excited to try the carrots. We washed them off and he munched on them and said "Mmm, tastes like baby carrots."

Here's to hoping the rest of our plants don't "accidentally" get picked before it's time.

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  1. You gotta love that sweet face!! Poor carrots though lol!! Hope your having a great day :)


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