This past Saturday we went to Legoland with some friends of ours. These are friends we made while living in Scotland and they moved to southern California the year after we moved to California. Their oldest is just a couple months younger than Connor. I spent many a days pushing a stroller alongside this mom, meeting her at Starbucks, in the park, in our houses. It's fun to see them every once in a while and watch our families grow. But back to Legoland…

The thing I love about Legoland is the crowds are nothing compared to Disneyland. Sure the park is smaller and geared for younger children, but it is just so much easier not having to fight the crowds all day long. Plus, there are a few cool play areas throughout the park and we literally have to drag the kids out of them screaming just to get them to ride more rides.

We had told Connor if he participated and worked hard at all his swim lessons, we would buy him a lego at the end. Given we were going to Legoland just a couple days later, I told him he could get one there. He claims getting his new lego was the highlight of Legoland. Behind that was the dinosaur roller coaster. For Isla, it was getting a stuffed kitty. Sounds like we could have saved some money and just taken the kids to Target instead! But they really did have a good time. Connor enjoyed trading out his lego mini figure numerous times throughout the day…you can trade with any park employees that have them or at stores and restaurants. Isla got to sit at the front of the train (a ride) all by herself. I am still not sure how the luck swung in her favor on that one given she wasn't the first in line for the ride. But she was so excited about it.

It was a fun day. The kids enjoyed themselves. And we enjoyed catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a while.

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  1. There is so much happiness and joy in these photos. Your kids are going to love these when they are older!


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