It's the Little Things

It's the little things in life that are great… sitting under the table at dinner and feeding a bird your rice. Who am I kidding, I was just as entertained by it as the kids were!

…like having an uninterrupted conversation with your husband…those uninterrupted moments are hard to come by with a 5 & 3 year old in the house!

…like having your mom play legos with you. If I am sitting on the floor playing legos with Connor, he will play for hours and hours. Of course, he always decides to redo what I build…I just don't build things up to his standards!

…like being able to catch up on life with a friend.

…like holding Isla, having her lay her head on my shoulder and rub my back.

…like seeing the flashes of lightning and hearing the thunder while snuggled up in your bed.

…like waking up to two children still asleep. Enjoying the quietness of the morning. And enjoying the moment each sleepy-eyed child wakes up and wants to cuddle with mom.

I really do enjoy the little things in life as much as I enjoy the big ones. Heck, I probably enjoy them more because they are way less stressful!

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