On Not Blending In

I am not one of those people that likes unnecessary attention. I don't like public speaking. And I hate being that person that makes a loud noise in a quiet room. I will literally hold my bladder until my eyes turn yellow, rather than get up in the middle of a meeting or something to use the bathroom. I just don't like any attention.

Enter my children.

There is something about these kids. Every time I take them in public, they seem to take it as a pass to act c-r-a-z-y. And I am that mom who's face gets beet red in embarrassment as soon as they start making noise. I know, I know, kids make noise. But I hate people looking. And it's more than just the noise. Isla always seems drawn to the floor. Like, roll around on the floor in the middle of the restaurant. This isn't because she is having a tantrum, but simply because she is enjoying life. And Connor, his specialty is jumping in front of unsuspecting shoppers carts at Target and roaring at them. Yeah, it tends to scare the crap out of them and cause my face to turn beet red.

These kids, I love em so much. And I really do want them to beat to their own drum. I want them to take the path they want to take in life, not one forced upon them. However, I really struggle with them throwing me into the limelight with their antics. So, if you ever come across me in a store, red faced with embarrassment as my son is loudly discussing the fact that baby #3 will be birthed from my vagina*, while my daughter is grabbing as many clothes as she can and declaring them as her favorite as she throws them into my cart, just give me a quick smile and turn away…or feel free to stop and tell me some crazy thing your kid did in public to embarrass you!

* Yes, this conversation has happened LOUDLY in public more times than I care to admit. 

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  1. Aww hahah love this post and reading these silly stories!! Gotta love them <3

  2. Don't worry! Sawyer is that kid too- he went through a real fun phase where each time we were checking at out Safeway he'd fist grab my boobs and announce to the world "I like touching your boobies, they are squishy"! Hang in there

  3. Such a sweet honest post. I love being the center of attention, so the next time I'm on the west coast, can I borrow your children for awhile!?


  4. Oh, Jess! Don't you remember when Piper pulled my skirt down to my knees at the animal shelter while I was standing at the desk talking to the employee?!? Of course, there was a room full of onlookers too!


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