Hotel Room Fun

The way my kids acted about staying in a hotel, you would think we never take them anywhere! It was pretty funny. When Isla realized we were staying there, she excitedly exclaimed "We are sleeping here!?!" She then proceeded to stay up until almost 11pm in a dark, quiet room. At one point, I even went and sat in the bathroom for a while. After it had been quiet for a good, long while, I came back out. I walked out to a sleeping Connor and and Isla sitting up in the bed smiling at me. That girl! 

The next morning, the kids were more interested in taking a bath in the large bathtub, then getting our of the room. To top it off, I turned on pbs kids (we don't have cable at home) for them and they were in heaven. I literally had to force them out of the hotel room. They were obviously enjoying themselves. 

I like that the kids get excited about little things like hotel rooms. It reminds me that things like that really are a treat and are fun. Of course, I too like staying in a hotel room…but that's because I love turning the ac really low and snuggling up under all the blankets and not having to worry about the electricity bill!

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  1. I love this! That first picture is perfect - blurry and all!


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