The 4th of July

^^ Isla brought her dollar and some change to help pay for the fireworks. She also hogged the box and freaked out if Connor even came close to it. 

^^ When Connor finally got a hold of the fireworks, he was so excited. He wanted to know the names of them and was studying the box very intently. He even asked me to take his picture. 

^^ Isla was totally begging to be held upside down for the picture. At first Ian held her by her legs and she kept screaming at him until he dangled her by her ankles. And no, we didn't tell her to pose like that! 

The fourth of July was a nice and chill day for us. It was a day where I learned that Isla is a total fireworks hog…and by fireworks hog, I mean she lays on top of them and refuses to let us light them unless she says. I learned that Connor still has an issue with the noise from fireworks (especially the illegal ones our neighbor kept setting off), but once we got some ear protectors on him, he was much better. I met my 90 year old neighbor's daughter who "grew up" in our house because her best friend lived there. And I learned that raw hamburger meat grosses me out to the point that I won't eat a cooked one…oh pregnancy!

Our day started with Ian and our dads chopping down a tree in our backyard. Then the kids played in their kiddie pool. We decided to walk to lunch and learned everything is closed on the fourth of July…so stopped and ate ice cream for lunch. Hey, it was the one place that was open! Ian roasted coffee and I bagged it all up. We rented Paddington and watched it as a family. Then we barbecued. And our parents came over and light fireworks with us. Like I said, it was a nice and chill day for us.

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  1. Isla is such a ham! I love it.

    A relaxing 4th of July sounds amazing. We didn't get memo!


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