Sunglasses…and a mini hair rant

My parents surprised me when I was 13 and let me get contacts a couple weeks before I started my 8th grade year. Having worn glasses for a couple years, I was extremely excited and never looked back. In fact, I didn't even have a spare pair of glasses should I need them. In college I decided to get some glasses, thinking I would wear them when the mood struck. Let's just say the mood only seemed to strike when I over wore a pair of contacts and got pink eye. Gross, I know, but the truth isn't pretty. Then almost a year and half ago, I decided to try out glasses again. Once again I decided I would get them to wear when the mood struck. Well, the mood struck and never seemed to leave. Really, it had to do with me dealing with an annoying dry eye issue and my contacts only made it worse. I've toyed with lasik, but can never talk my pansy self into it…awake during surgery?! what if they mess up and I go blind?! what if I blink during the procedure?!

Since I have been consistently wearing my glasses for a while now, I decided to take the plunge and get myself some prescription sunglasses. It's so nice to have sunglasses again. Though I must admit, it is a little annoying having to make sure I switch to my other glasses before getting out of the car. Otherwise I will (and have) find myself wondering around a store in sunglasses because I freaking can't see at all without glasses. It's a small price to pay, I guess.

On a completely unrelated topic, I've hit the point in my pregnancy where I am annoyed with my hair. It's become super curly and just flops over when I try to wear it up (or do I call it spiked? or a faux hawk? you know what I mean.) So I have started pinning the front to the side and just smoothing it down, though it still curls in the back on the bottom and that bugs me. I am trying hard to not switch hairstyles to something ridiculous while I am pregnant. I've been there before and it wasn't pretty. I've just got to stick it out. But it's really bugging this (obviously hormonal) pregnant lady. Big problem in life, I know. But seriously, got any suggestions to help me out?!

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