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I've seen people do "day in the life" posts for years now and never done one. Then, all the sudden the other day I was struck how Isla is almost done with preschool and Connor first grade and life will never be the same. I know, it's always changing. But next year they will be at the same school and there will be a new normal, so I decided to document this one. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

6:20am - I get up and get ready for the day. Callum woke early too, so came in the bathroom with me until Ian took him. 

7am - I start waking the other kids for breakfast and to get ready. Lately, the kids have been on an oatmeal kick, so that along with oranges was on the menu. 

^^ Callum playing while I was getting everyone ready to leave.

8:05am - We leave on the school run. On days Isla doesn't have school, we walk. We start off taking Connor to school. We all get out of the car and walk him to his classroom. Then back to the car and through the carwash before dropping Isla off...we have time to kill between the two drop offs, so I always hit up the carwash. 

9am - Drop Isla off at preschool. Since it was Friday, it was show and tell day. Isla tends to figure out how she can sneak in as many things as possible in one go. She put her glow stick necklace on her bear so she could bring both. 

9:15am - Callum and I got home from dropping Isla off. I put Callum down for a nap. Did the dishes, started some laundry, then sat down to conquer some four friends market stuff...think thank you cards for the vendors, posting on social media, etc. 

11:15am - Callum woke up and got a snack before we had to head out to pick up Isla at noon. 

12:30pm - Isla gets done with preschool at noon, but always likes playing on the playground a bit before heading home. I made lunch for the kids and I, then it was playtime (and a little cleaning time) until we headed to get Connor. 

^^ Callum's room has a baby gate on it, so I have a safe place to leave him when I am trying to clean upstairs and can't constantly be monitoring him. 

2:25pm - We walk to get Connor from school. I stayed and chatted with his teacher for a bit. Then we went to the office and grabbed a "tooth necklace" from the front office ladies for him because his tooth was about to fall out and he was bummed it wouldn't happen at school...it happened the next morning. Then we headed home. 

3:15pm - We got home and I gave Connor some downtime because I thought he was going to have a baseball game that evening. About 15 minutes before we had to leave for his game, the coach called and told us his game was cancelled, so we decided to head out and do something fun. 

^^ Said wiggly tooth

5:30pm - We headed out and picked up dinner at Poke Bowl. Then, we went to the mall and let the kids do a build a bear. They both not-so-shockingly picked pikachu. Who knew build a bear even had that sort of thing?!

7pm - On our way home from build a bear, we stopped at a park to play for an hour. The kids ran around, swung and played pokemon together...because, somehow these days, everything turns toward pokemon. 

8:15pm - We got home and worked on getting some tired, sweaty kids into bed!

One thing I would like to note is it has been a while since we have done a bunch of fun things in one evening as a family and I really enjoyed it. It made me realize how we really need to get out and do stuff like that more often. Of course, now that baseball season is over and school is almost out, I am sure we will have more time to do those sorts of things, without worry of bedtimes, homework and games.

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