Connor's Open House

Connor had his school open house last night. These are the types of situations I just eat up as a parent. They are my jam. The teachers had made each kid a book with folders in it for each month they were in school, then put the craft projects in it that they had done over the year. It was a super cute keepsake. 

The kids had to write about themselves, then the parents had to guess who was their kid. They start out describing themselves, hair color, eye color, etc. Then they start writing other things. Connor's said his favorite food in the world was sourdough bread, so that was a big giveaway that it was him, as I was assuming not many other kids would say that! What threw me off is he included that he wanted to work at Perkos when he grows up. Perkos is a diner. He didn't say what exactly he wanted to do there, but it was pretty funny. 

Connor and his two amazing teachers. They job share, so he gets each one of them 50% of the time. Mrs. Webb, on the left, was in kindergarten with him (not his actual teacher, but the afternoon teacher and the morning and afternoon teachers are both there all day, so it's kind of like the kids have two teachers) and is moving back down to kindergarten again for next year, so Isla will get to be with her too. 

I love this first born of mine. He loves reading so much. He loves researching different things he is interested in and learning ALL THE THINGS about it. He has been wanting to teach the class and his teachers are giving him the opportunity to create a lesson and teach the class, so that's fun. It's fun (and scary and sad) watching him grow up and becoming the person he is.

In case you care, this was Connor's kindergarten open house, Connor's pre-k open house (he was so little!!!) and his preschool open house

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