Plant Thief

My relatively new obsession is house plants. I've amassed a mini collection around the house over the past several months. Callum is pretty dang good about leaving them alone. Like literally never touches them. Just the other morning someone asked me about how I kept Callum from playing in the plants and (patting myself on the back) I told them how the angel virtually leaves them alone. Then that very same afternoon, the kid made me eat crow and ripped an entire plant out. And he obviously doesn't even feel sorry about it!

While we are at it, I can also mention his obsession with the knobs on our gas range, moving chairs so he can climb on top of things and the fact that he is already trying to open the front door. Behind that adorable smile of his is a cheeky, cheeky little boy that likes to keep his mama on her toes.

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  1. LOL to that first picture. How can you even be mad? Little stinker!


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