Connor's Half Birthday

Besides Sunday being mother's day, it was another big (cough, cough) day in our house...Connor's half birthday. Remember, it was my brother that so kindly introduced my children to half birthdays, a detail I won't soon forget!

For Connor's half birthday, I went along with the same thing I did for Isla - one small toy and one fun candy. I got Connor a kit that you break apart and look for stones in. It was cool and the kids really liked it, but I think all three of us were a bit disappointed that there was only one stone in the whole bar. The packaging makes it seem like there are three. Oh well, I was duped. Connor loved his candy. Isla cried the whole time he was eating it because he wasn't sharing with her and it wasn't "fair". The whole thing was rather entertaining.

I also gave Connor half of a birthday card. Since last time Isla didn't realize I cut the card in half, this time I cut the card in half lengthwise, making it more obvious. When Connor realized the card was cut in half, he got a kick out of it. It was cute seeing his reaction.

All day long, Connor reminded people it was his half birthday. These little things like this really are fun to celebrate.

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