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I think we all get just how quickly time passes. How each moment is fleeting and gone before you know it. But kids really seem to magnify this fact and make me mourn the passing days more than leaving behind my own youth.

After taking a picture of Callum on his changing table the other day, I decided to go in search of a few others from the changing table. Look how little tiny Callum was! Oh the newborn squish. I love it. I got a bit of a chuckle that these pictures were taken in three different rooms - our room at our old house, then our room again at our new house, then Callum upgraded to his own room. Also, that striped romper Callum is wearing in his 8 month picture, I totally squeezed on him the other day. It was a bit small on him, but believe it or not, it was harder to get over his head then snap lengthwise. The kid's head is growing, what can I say?!

This cheeky kid, he certainly isn't easy to change like he was as a newborn. And he's full of cheeky personality...and exploration. His new party trick is climbing on any table he can find. And that's how he did a face plant at someone's house a week ago and ended up with quite the scraped up face. Then people question me like I beat him or something. That always makes me chuckle...people questioning every scrape and bruise a toddler has. I mean, HELLO, have you watched the crazy daredevils play?! Of course they are going to get hurt!

I don't know where I am going with all this. It all started with a cute Callum on a changing table, so I'll end on that thought too.

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