Connecting with Your Kids

I feel like I've hit this weird point in parenting. Gone are the days when I had endless time on my hands. When we would spend thoughtful time in various rooms of the house throughout the day. When we would have epic reading sessions, build amazing train tracks or play with the duplos on the front porch. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a moving train that I can't get off of. Get up, make breakfast, dress kids, get out the door, school drop off, grocery store, school pick up #1, home for lunch, school pick up #2, homework, naptime for Callum, prep dinner, and on and on and on. The easy connections I once had with my kids aren't so easy. And I'm not even what I would consider a busy mom compared to many.

Anyway, sometimes when someone is having a meltdown or things just aren't going how they should, I find some connection time to work like a charm. No need for discipline (yes, I realize there is definitely a place for discipline). Grab a book and cuddle up together for a few minutes. Or maybe have a coloring session together. Or work on a fun craft. Anything to press reset. And, you know what's amazing? After all is calm, you can actually address the issue that happened prior with complete calmness for both you and your child.

If only connection time would work for a tired toddler at an older sibling's baseball game! I guess you can't win em all.

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